featuring Richard Darne - banjo and Gage Poore - claps and reverse claps


Hard to say exactly where it all went wrong
Like a singer in the middle of a song
Started showin' around the edges 'round suppertime

Vinny chased his dreams to the end of the block
Turned 'round and saw how far he'd got
Decided it was for the best and kept on goin'

Well, he never looked back and as time went on
He kept reciting the chorus of an old country song
Took him back to the days when he was home

Hey hey na na na na na na na na na na na na

Take me back home, to where the dolphins sigh
Take me back home, to the river so wide
Take me back home and I'll tell you stories often told
with a twinkle in an eye and a pistol by my side

Several years later, he was playin' at a burned-out backwoods shack
Thought he saw someone that he had known

Turned out to be a deputy with Vinny's name in a little ol' book
He said, "Come with me and you'll see this through."

Vinny made for the door and he dodged three bullets coming over the rise
Decided it was time to get on home

And as he ran off into the dawn's early light, he felt a corner of his brain goin' off
Meant he was gonna start singin' that song again (oh, lawd)


Well, I never seen a girl so fine before with her feet flyin' up in the air
When she comes back down from the clouds, she'll be sittin' on a golden fleece-lined chair


released November 3, 2012
Patrick Finley - guitars, mandolin, keyboards, claps, Richard Darne - banjo, Gage Poore - claps and reverse claps




Patrick Finley and his Robot Army Portland, Oregon

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